OMG, We Almost Loss One Million! Caution of Fraud!

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OMG, We Almost Loss One Million! Caution of Fraud!

Oh My God, we almost got defrauded and lose one million! The story begins from an inquiry sent on 18th Feb, 2019, which is half month from now. Below is the email:

I replied immediately:

This Kevin replied quickly too, with the full information of his company and two products photos to quote price, sorry, I have to cover the company info (they are innocent):

Surely this company provided has no problem after checked by us Sinosure, so we offered the quotation based on FOB price immediately. Very soon Kevin or Smith replied:

What? need CIF price? After we re-quoted the CIF price, Kevin began to place order:

Am I still too simple and too naive? The total order amount not small, it’s around RMB1,000,000.00 , but first deal without deposit….. At that moment, I become doubtful if this Kevin or Smith is really that UK company’s formal buyer. So we asked him to provide some documents with director’s signature and stamp. Strange is soon we received some documents with signatures and stamps and business license etc, but not exactly we want, it only prove the company truly exist, not show the connection between him and that company. So, I had to talk directly, the usual style of mine:

You can guess the result, Kevin never replied my last email again, when I sent it out, I was already make sure it’s fraud. Thank God, my previous experiences told me: if not cautious, it would cause make big trouble later and big lose further. During 2008 Financial Crises, I already met two bad cases, one was from Russian client, one is from Italy. After handled all those, more gray hair increased on my head and I was 10 years older than my age….

While I want to say, as seller / exporter, we have annoyances too the same as buyer / importer: have to differentiate who is real and who is fake, or we will loss the whole year’s margin on one bad case. It’s really not easy for us to make the poor margin:

1), We take our decades expert experiences to choose the top and right manufacturers, at acceptable price, keep both sides competitive in the market;

2), We take all the responsibility for all picked manufacturers’ credit, so that our partners free of worries about factories suddenly shut down leaving goods unfinished and unshipped, and lose deposit;

3), We control the quality, even to supervise the raw materials’ production and inspection, let alone the final ready goods QC and issue inspection report. Take the black-grid shower screen for example, our QC stick in raw glass workshop, and pick each piece of glass one by one after silk-screen printing done and before going into tempering furnace;

4), We do all the after-sales services, any time clients have problem on the products shipped from our hands, just give a shout, we will deal it immediately and return back a satisfied solution, at any cost.

Why we do this? We value the partnership. Why we value the partnership so much? We are lazy at looking for customers all day long, so once you become our client, we would manage to assist you expand your business and grow bigger which is also our aim, in this way our partnership will last longer, and you may also introduce other clients to us, that’s we are doing. In another words, we don’t want to make profit on one or two orders, or one or two years, we hope to make profit on the long run, ie. 10 years, 20 years or longer….

But please don’t cheat us, ok? We just hope to run the business honestly and peacefully, and run it at least 50 years.

Thank you for your patient reading!R

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