2018 KBC Fair Highlights

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2018 KBC fair ended, we find the following highlights to share:

1), Black framed shower doors pop out and pour out, check below photo, you can see this booth all are black, no other colors! And even the most common corner entry model could be all black style, some is so-so, but some is really freaking (the other one). If you still not have black framed shower model in your SKU list, you are totally out!

2018 KBC Fair Highlights插图

2), More and more such big handles used, it’s convenient for kids, but I guess it’s only for China’s domestic market, different markets have different flavors.

2018 KBC Fair Highlights插图1

3), More details on humanization design, some shower door looks common from outside, but when you check the details, you would find lots of “wow”, for example this one below from Ideal: it will be easy to clean the un-easy-clean overlapping glass part with a small widget, and the sliding rollers hide inside the aluminum rails. BTW, will the rose-golden popular after black?

2018 KBC Fair Highlights插图2

And this one, freestanding bathtub, just add the shelf, suddenly making this bathtub different with others, actually it’s very functional, you can put shampoo etc on the shelf, and easy to fetch when use.

2018 KBC Fair Highlights插图3

Also, more high-tech used on booth decoration, check below photo, actually it’s only one toilet, not so many as you see.

2018 KBC Fair Highlights插图4

Come to visit KBC next year, you may have more surprises!

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