Helping to shape our environment

Our aluminum, glass and acrylic sheet all could be recyclable, as well as the plastic, zinc, stainless steel or brass accessories. As shower enclosure and bathtub manufacturer, we nurture an eco-frendily approach.

Quality-certified Factory

Guaranateeing Sustainability in Every Process

Throughout production, we assess the environmental impact of our operations and minimize the use of materials to reduce waste. Adhering to ISO9001, 14001 and 14002 requirements, our quality control guarantees the cleanliness and safety of our production facilities while ensuring our chairs and tables are safe to use.

acrylic freestanding bathtub in production
tempered glass

Sourced From Trusted Suppliers

Certified Raw Glass for Shower Glass Door

Our tempered glass are from certified raw glass manufacturers which all are China’s public listed companies like China Glass and Kibing Glass. The raw material glass are guaranteed top grade and then get toughened in tempering furnace under about 700℃ temperature to get final standard safety glass.

Aluminum Alloy Extrution

Casting aluminum ingot after processing become aluminum rod, then become aluminum alloy profile after extrusion. We process the aluminum profile by curve and drill holes in our workshop, later go to hardenning and anodizing or painting for the finish processing. We use virgin 6463 aluminum alloy for better shinning chrome finsih. The recylced aluminum could be used for painting finish.

shower door aluminum profile production
bath tub in soaking

Virgin Acrylic Sheet

100% virgin acrylic sheet as raw materals for our freestanding bathtub and shower tray manufacturing, to make sure it has better performance after vacuum forming and reinforcement with resin at bottom. The defective acrylic sheet can be recyled to mix with virgin acrylic for other products.