Shower screen in bathroom
The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Walk-In Shower Screen for Your Bathroom
As a shower door manufacturer, we notice walk-in shower screen becomes more and more popular in recent years, our customer’s importing quantity keeps increasing,...
Black pivot shower enclosure 7017
Choosing the Right Glass Shower Doors: Sliding door or Pivot door?
As shower units manufacturer in the shower industry since 2005, we produce the sliding glass shower doors and hinged bathroom doors in our shower factory,...
133 Spring Canton Fair
All You Want to Know About Canton Fair
Some people say: trade is mankind’s most important invention. Today we will introduce one of the most important trade fairs to you: Canton Fair, by 4 parts...
Freestanding whirlpool 6860M
What's Freestanding Massage Bathtub?
Many people are interested in freestanding massage bathtub, you may ask: what’s freestanding massage bathtub or freestanding whirlpool bath? A freestanding...
Freestanding bathtub 6867
Freestanding bathtub or drop-in bathtub?
Freestanding bathtub or drop-in bathtub? Which one is better? Bathroom takes an important role in one house, soaking in the bath with a glass of wine can...
freestanding bathtub 6815D-2
All You Want To Know About Freestanding Bathtubs
A freestanding bathtub is a type of bathtub that is not attached to a wall or any other surface and stands on its own. It is often made of materials such...