Quality Management

Quality control is the soul, devil is in the details.

Aiming to do long term cooperation with all of our partners, quality control is the soul to ensure we are supplying the correct products we promise. That’s why we specially set a QC department to do quality control and guarantee the quality of products we provide. It melts through each production procedures: drilling, assembling, forming, packaging, loading…

shower enclosure tempered glass

Raw materials incoming quality control

Shower enclosure manufacturing is more of an assembling business. Raw materials like tempered glass, aluminum profile and spare parts’ incoming inspection would be more important in the whole process. We keep a record on each batch of raw materials QC result, to easily trace back in case claim happen afterwards.

shower door aluminum profile

During production inspection

Different departments are responsible for different works. Glass department for glass’s quality, while aluminum department for aluminum. After aluminum profile curved and holes drilled, we would pre-install one set of each model to check if the holes are properly made, and if match with glass and spare parts. Only we make sure all are correct, the profile go to next step: hardening and do painting or chrome finish.

shower door package

Inspection before loading

This part’s inspection is very important, more formal and easily get whole workshop nervous, as we may require to re-work all if inspection fail. It’s untolerant and must unpack each box and check one by one if our inspectors find wrong accessory packed inside or aluminum profile and glass not match well, or other serious defection.

issue inspection report

Issue inspection report

Whether the final inspection result is fail or pass, our quality department manager will issue a copy of inspection report, written in English. We record all the problems and issues as it is, the report will be shared not only with our customer, but also kept as important documentory for ourselves records.

Safeguarding quality is our team effort

Three years long pandemic make the global economy more difficult. We understand price are very sensitive for more and more markets now, so we try our best to offer the lowest price while with better quality, to make it a balance and even competitive while safeguarding decent quality level, that’s why our team exsit.