2020 Conclusion

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2020 is the year that history will remember, also we will never forget in our whole life.

It starts from COVID-19, we guessed its result only in China, but never thought it soon became a deadly global pandemic. We forgot the truth that now the world is actually an earth village, a community of shared future for mankind. Though the pandemic got controlled well in China, we are still worried about all of you in the abroad: Africa, Europe, South America, North America, Australia… Let’s pray for peace and health for all of our human being of the world no more pandemic and no wars.

Lots of things changed in the year 2020: USD against RMB rate falls from 7.0+ to around 6.5 now, it’s a disaster for our exporting business, as it directly cuts off a big part of our poor margin; Biden won election instead of Trump’s reelection…, what will never change is our mission and the values we hold:

Keeping integrity, honest and open, pursuing meaningful work and life, by providing competitive building materials products and superior chain supplying services to build long-term trustworthy and strategic relationships with our partners, eventually grow together and offer nice bathroom and better home to more people of the world.

Hello 2021, we are coming, be with you and fight together!

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