Will Smart Toilet Become Popular Worldwide?

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Last year’s Shanghai KBC Fair was cancelled because of Coronavirus pandemic, but from this May’s KBC Fair, it double assured our prediction about smart toilet: it definitely would become a worldwide trend, and it is coming now.

Before there were only a few brands producing smart toilets, like: Toto, Kohler etc. 13 years ago, some chinese sanitary ware producer see the potential huge market and started to involve in producing smart toilet too, but at that time Chinese domestic market was not ready for that, so that producer’s smart toilet project didn’t last long, and very unluckily that whole factory totally closed up later as most chinese people still had no idea of the smart toilet concept. No wonder that, because my favorite financial writer Wu Xiaobo only published his article “Fly to Japan to Buy A Smart Toilet Seat” in early 2015, which means only at that time Mr. Wu smelled Chinese people’s smart toilet demands, it’s from the group of China’s middle class consumers.

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In 2018, after we moved to our new house, I remembered the first thing I did was to buy 2 sets of smart toilet seats and changed the normal ones. It’s really good product that really improve people life, with heated cover you won’t suffer the cold in winter, it make you feel the warm the whole year, and the bidet wash function is really amazing, what’s more I want to say is the dry up function really save tons of toilet tissues and better and more cleaner for your body, according to modern medical studies, smart toilet helps ease and cure hemorrhoids, hahah….

With so many advantages to our bodies, we are pretty sure smart toilet is becoming or have already become a worldwide trend. The whole world people’s life are improving, we, the human being are deserved to enjoy better lives as long the technology progress everyday and the technology also helps lower down the manufacturing cost, making the price more acceptable for millions of thousands ordinary homes. 

Also, thanks to China’s domestic consuming updating, it brings a big wave of smart toilet seat production in recent years, and the fierce competition greatly lower down the market selling price, making it more affordable for normal families, or it becomes popular and popular in Chinese people’s bathrooms.

Below is an example of a hotel bathroom’s smart toilet:

Will Smart Toilet Become Popular Worldwide?插图1

So probably while satisfy China’s domestic market, for export market, the smart toilet would quickly spread out gradually and totally replace bidet jet shower in Middle East countries, and then to one belt and one road along countries, it would be easily accepted in Eastern European markets too, some market may be quick, some may be slow. It seems Europe and American markets are not that quick responsive on this like other products.

Let’s just see. But we know smart people would act immediately.

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